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Mantaray Corporation was founded in Fremont, California, the U.S.A, in 2003. The Research and Development Department of Mantaray Corporation came from the NASA Deep Space SATCOM project. With over 20 years of SATCOM experience & expertise, Mantaray Corporation set up its branch office in Neihu Technology Park, Taipei, Taiwan, in 2019. Shortly after, Mantaray set up its front-end technical supporting teams in Asia-Pacific to extend its services to the global SATCOM market.

August 1985
Started from the NASA Deep Space Team.
February 2003
Founded in Fremont, Calfornia, USA.
January 2008
Entered into the private satellite communications business.
July 2019
Mantaray established its Operation Center in Neihu Technology Park, Taipei, Taiwan.
November 2020
Co-located the earth station in Linkou, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
November 2021
Began working with the Taiwanese Government for maritime applications.

The Way Forward

Mantaray Corporation is primarily focused on being a total solutions provider instead of an equipment provider for global satellite communication. We predominate the key baseband technology and make it possible to develop and manufacture Intelligent VSAT modems/terminals with embedded technology. We provide solutions to satellite communications with our invention — PSMA (Satellite IP Switch) for bringing more stable and faster communication services. Mantaray co-works with other satellite operators and provides extensive coverage globally. We are eager to empower our clients to connect to the world at top speed.

Making Customers Happy
Mantaray has made the affordable broadband SATCOM come true. Through ABOD & DAMA, we successfully manage bandwidth usage to enable satellite communication. Our revolutionary Next-Gen. Intelligent PSMA Technology provides the highest efficiency and most stable connection on the market so far, and we will keep improving the cutting-edge technology to its utmost just for you.

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