Simply faster in every way
The Solution develops on baseband IP can be easily implement on any kind of SATCOM by adjusting the frequency band and Antenna.

Our solution also supports High throughput and wide coverage for HTS as well as low latency for LEO.

MQEYTA fully supports Inter-Satellite Link (ISL), in any Antenna, providing a real flexible and feasible solution for both GEO & LEO satellite system.

High Throughput Satellites
High Throughput Satellites (HTS) bring a significant improvement in capacity with high-level frequency re-use and spot beam technology. They enable frequency reusing across multiple narrowly focused spot beams, as in cellular networks, which is defining technical features of high-throughput satellites.

In contrast with conventional satellite technology utilizes a broad single beam to cover wide regions or even entire continent with higher data rates that can be transmitted by the same-size VSAT terminal. High bandwidth capacity making HTS, these satellites are applicable for enterprise applications.
High Throughput Satellites
SATCOM-IOT Backhaul to complete the missing piece
In complement to the 4G/5G or Wi-Fi Backhaul service, the IoT Gateway Backhaul over satellite emerges as a brand-new SATCOM application segment.

Satellite connectivity enhances the coverage in areas that with limited or no cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity along with easier device management via an IoT connectivity platform.

MQEYTA further enhances the ability of Iot by providing the stable real-time video conference to fix any problem immediately.
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