Remote Areas
The low population density in remote areas makes the development of 4G, 5G & LTE infrastructures too expensive to be a viable solution. However, Mantaray overcomes these challenges by providing fast, reliable, and affordable internet access to remote areas.
Access to quality health care is a prime issue around the world as hospitals and doctors are scarce. Furthermore, quality healthcare is situated in urban areas, leaving rural populations without access to healthcare. MQEYTA allows for the advent of Telehealth, distributing healthcare services to rural people via its innovative satellite communications technology.
Forest Manager Communications
Natural resources are among Earth's most valuable assets; forest managers and park rangers uphold the role of protecting these finite assets. MQEYTA allows the facilitation of communication between forest managers to keep the land safe and secure.
Since its development, satellite communications have become a critical tool nations use to keep their country secure. MQEYTA innovates beyond the primitive SATCOM technologies of the time by featuring a highly customizable solution with 99.9 percent bandwidth usage and 496ms latency.
Homeland Security
Mountain Climbing
Each year mountain climbing and hiking claim thousands of lives due to unpredictable weather conditions leaving people stranded and isolated. Satellite Communications ensure that people can access the internet, use accurate GPS data and contact emergency services.
The logging industry represents large proportions of many nations' economies around the world. However, it is dangerous as natural disasters and unpredictable weather can lead to injuries and casualties. MQEYTA provides an efficient and affordable solution to the logging industry by providing internet coverage even under challenging conditions, securing employee welfare and safety.
Logging & Forestry
The mining industry is a driver of many of the world's economies. Through MQEYTA, the mining grounds can be safer by facilitating intelligent sensors and IoT technologies to prevent injuries and casualties. Workers can also utilize advanced data and information to more accurately and safely extract resources in the ground.
MantaRay’s fixed station solutions have a wide range of applications across many industries, from logging to mining. Additionally, our innovative solution makes it feasible to offer fast, reliable, and affordable cellular services in rural areas.
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