For yachts, Mantaray provides an experience that people could never have imagined before. This is because Mantaray goes beyond simply offering onboard Wi-Fi to also providing a connection that is fast, reliable, and secure for all users. The world has yet to develop a feasible solution to satellite communications, but Mantaray is changing this paradigm. Through MQEYTA, we can do everything from 4G to 5G, LTE, and beyond.
For container ships, Mantaray provides precise data transmissions to Headquarters. Shipping line, machinery conditions, crews’ health conditions can be all transmitted by using MQEYTA. In addition, we customize the uplink and downlink ratio that best suits customers’ needs.
Container Ships
Bulk Carriers
Through MQEYTA, Bulk Carriers can access fast and reliable internet connections to allow for accurate, real-time logistics tracking. In addition, with the L3 structure and IP packet transmission, logistics companies can predict delivery dates and manage supply chains better, leading to significant cost savings.
A single tanker ship contains thousands of sensors onboard the vessel. However, these data collected are stuck with no convenient access to transfer them to headquarters, where the resources are way more than on the ship. MQEYTA is equipped with the most stable and easy-to-use satellite communications for tanker ships. By using MQEYTA, headquarters can be accessed and monitored anytime, anywhere, by anyone authorized.
Tanker Ships
Passenger Vessels
With our globalized world and reliance on internet connectivity, it can be difficult for most people to live without internet for a day, let alone weeks on the ocean. Therefore, Mantaray addresses this issue by providing an affordable and reliable internet connection for passenger vessels from luxury cruise ships to ferries.
Internet security is next level with MQEYTA's FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) and Dual-Station Structure. Data breaches and unauthorized users are a thing of the past. Our Gen2 intelligent PSMA technology guarantees that the data flow transmits to the correct user.
Naval Ships
Offshore Ships
Each year, thousands of workers spend more than half of their year working on Offshore Ships. Hence, it is crucial to have internet access to connect with their families during their time away.
Mantaray brings high efficiency and stable broadband satellite communications to the fishing industry, allowing fisheries to utilize information to navigate and monitor their catches accurately.
Fishing Vessels
Dredging is a significant component in the maritime industry that allows navigation and fishing easier while removing contaminants in the body of water. In addition, internet connection is vital as these ships occasionally operate in isolation.
MantaRay provides reliable voice and data communications over satellite, for maritime vessels of all sizes, from commercial shipping fleets to fishing vessels and super-yachts.
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