Advance to the Most Competitive Market in Indonesia! Mantaray Corporation, the Pride of Taiwan, Attests to Its Status as an International Maritime Communications Service Provider with Its Strength.

December 12, 2022

With the advent of smart manufacturing, smart medical care and smart financials, the Internet of all things has become the foundation of everything and also the key to the operation behind it - the vigorous development of communications technology, from the ground to the sky.The global satellite industry will reach $925.2 billion in 2040, according to the estimates by the Satellite Industry Association. In the growing field of satellite communications, Mantaray is natively the proud of Taiwan. There search members from NASA’s Deep Space Satellite Communications Team are committed to becoming a professional international maritime communications service provider, so that ships sailing at sea will not suffer from loss of connection. This year, the technology was exported to Indonesia, also known as‘The Land of Thousand Islands’, to demonstrate its ability in the most challenging markets.


Disconnections at Sea has become Normal. Receiving Signal is Rare!

The ever-changing weather has become the biggest concern for ships operating at sea. A ship that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to sail out to sea has lost its signal, because of its location, speed or weather. "It's impossible to keep track of the ship's whereabouts and safety, so that the shipowner can't sleep at all!" saidJames Tso, the chairman of Mantaray, “Over the past 20 or 30 years, maritime satellite communications have never been satisfactory to shipowners and captains.”


“Satellite communication is not difficult, but to ensure the communication uninterrupted while moving is the trial of reliability. What others cannot do, Mantaray can do!” In order to prove it, 2 years ago, James Tso approached Petro One Indonesia, the Indonesia’s large-scale energy, communications and telecommunications infrastructure service provider.Overcame the challenges of the pandemic, actual on-side installed the machine on ship, carried out a half-year usability test, conducted the most authentic verification and provided real-time monitoring data, so that the captains, shipowners and Petro One could see them all. “To see is to believe the quality of communications. Completely overturn their negative impression of satellite communications at sea.

Photo/ James Tso, the Mantaray Corporation Chairman

The OceanKingdom, Indonesia. Huge Satellite Communications Market

Indonesia is known as “The Land of Islands” is the world’s largest archipelago with 13,466 islands registered with the UnitedNations by the Indonesian government. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest markets for satellite communications due to its unique geography. Compared with less than 0.1% usage of satellite communications in Taiwan, it is as high as43% in Indonesia. In addition, there are more than 150,000 ships registered inIndonesia and about 26,000 ships actually are in operation, which makesIndonesia a hot spot for maritime satellite communications service providers.


Suherman, the chairman of Petro One Indonesia, shared that during the six-month survey period, the ship was equipped with 2manufacturers' machines, one of which was an original satellite antenna and the other one provided by Mantaray. After the severe weather at sea, only the antenna from Mantaray had not only signals, but also communication quality, which satisfied many captains who had seen the stormy waves. After the test, the antenna was still reluctant to be removed.


TheQuality of Mantaray’s Maritime Communications Subverts the Old Captain’sPerception

Suherman emphasized that there are many providers of satellite communications in Indonesia as well, but only Mantaray focuses on maritime satellite communications and continues to research and develop technology, so that will it can be the best partner for Petro OneIndonesia Group’s growing operations. In addition, ships may be exposed to danger anywhere sailing overseas; therefore, there is a greater need for 24-hour zero-time-difference satellite communications service. Mantaray is on call through 3 offices in Singapore, Taipei and Silicon Valley. If the captain has problems, he can find someone by phone. The team will troubleshoot within an hour.


Indonesia has been actively developing its maritime economy and has been building smart networking equipment and circuitson ships for a long time, but it is a futile effort without a stable signal connection. Suherman pointed out that now with the uninterrupted connection service provided by Mantaray, there is a chance for the future trend for smartship management to be truly realized.

Photo/ Suherman, the Petro One IndonesiaChairman

Mastering Key Communications Technologies. Mantaray Looking at the World


With more than 20 years of experience in space satellite communications technology, Mantaray has mastered its unique satellite communications technology, PSMA, to provide stable and fast satellitecommunications service., and then crossed over to system service provider, which is the only professional company in the world that develops its own equipment for satellite communications.


This year, Mantaray has officially partnered with Petro One to open the door to the Indonesian satellite market. After completing the construction of the giant ground station in the country by the end of the year, Petro One will be the first to provide services to more than300 ships and then expand to other fleets. With Mantaray’s 4 guarantees of "Uninterrupted traffic, Ultra-fast connectivity, Weather resistance andGuaranteed bandwidth", both parties will work together to further replicate the successful operation model to other markets around the world in the future. This will enhance the safety and management efficiency of the shipping industry.

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