Mantaray Corporation & Institute for Information Industry Jointly Develops FMS (Fleet Management System) To Solve Global Issues

March 9, 2022

Global shipping has been continuously affected by COVID-19, leading to peak demand for shipping in the past two years. Mantaray Corporation and Institute for Information Industry will jointly develop FMS (Fleet Management System) to solve global issues. It is expected that through this cooperation, the customers will enhance the comprehensive strength of the customer's fleet. Based on MQEYTA, the intelligent next-generation PSMA technology, FMS will accelerate the digitalization of ship management. At the same time, it helps bridge the gap between the ship and the headquarters, accelerating the transformation and upgrading to achieve intelligent ship navigation.

The FMS developed by this cooperation mainly uses MQEYTA. Mantaray Corporation has created this next-generation intelligent PSMA technology for more than 20 years. The integration and development for real-time navigation positioning, satellite communication services, ship navigation, and other data to solve the limitations of existing management methods. The intelligent fleet management system will serve as an essential execution tool on the operational side. It assists the shipping industry to more easily grasp the real-time imaging status of its fleet in all parts of the world and make accurate decisions accordingly.

Mr. Meng, the vice director of Smart System Institute, Institute of Information Industry, said that the experience of SSI was committed to developing software and hardware technologies such as intelligent transportation and the Internet of Things, which provides real-time ship positioning, historical event trajectory, and fleet management. We want it to assist the transformation of the shipping industry through digital technology. The system is going to launch in the second half of 2022. The shipbuilding industry has a substantial potential emerging market with high growth potential. We will establish a successful case to help more fleets transform and upgrade through this cooperation.

Mr. Tso, chairman of Mantaray Corporation, pointed out that satellite communications have become an essential part of shipping. Mantaray Corporation has been focusing on developing mobile satellite communications for various vehicles for years and is looking forward to more development opportunities application. This time, the development of the FMS in cooperation with the III will be helpful in mobile satellite communications and digitalized management.

The overall solution aims to enhance the shipping industry's competitiveness at the command site and operational site, accelerate the pace of informatization and intelligent management and improve operational efficiency.

全球海運市場過去兩年持續受到新冠肺炎的影響, 將海運需求推升到最高點.  星路科給與資策會/智慧系統所共同開發”FMS智慧船舶管理系統”, 來解決此一問題. 雙方更期望藉由這個合作開發案, 來提升全球海運客戶的競爭優勢.  藉由星路科技獨創的次世代Mqeyta衛星移動通訊系統, 與”PSMA智慧型封包傳輸”技術, 更能將加速智慧船管理系統數位化的腳步. 同時搭建航行船舶與營運總部通訊管道, 加速船舶智慧航行的升級與轉變“FMS智慧船舶管理系統”的開發, 主要是為星路科技的次世代”Mqeyta衛星移動通訊系統”. 星路科技獨創的”PSMA智慧型封包傳輸技術”上市已超過二十多餘載的高效能次世代衛星移動通訊技術,廣泛蒐集客戶船舶航行所需之資訊,並結合資策會對於各式資訊平台所累積之建置經驗,針對即時航行定位、船舶衛星通訊服務、船舶航行數據等資料進行整合研發,以解決在船運市場日益擴大的未來,現有人工管理的限制,智慧船舶管理系統將作為營運面重要的執行工具,輔助航運業者更容易在世界各處,掌握旗下船隊之即時影像化狀態,精準做出相對應的決策。




About Mantaray

Mantaray Corporation was founded in Fremont, California, the U.S.A in 2003. The Research and Development Department of MantarayCorporation came from the NASA Deep Space SATCOM project. With over 30 years of SATCOM experience & professional skills, to extend the global SATCOM market, Mantaray Corporation relocate its Operation Center to Neihu Technology Park, Taipei, Taiwan in 2019 and set up front-end technical supporting teams in Asia-Pacific regions.


Mantaray Corporation is primarily focused on being a total solutions provider instead of an equipment provider for global satellite communications. We predominate the key baseband technology and make it possible to develop and manufacture Intelligent VSAT modems/terminals with embedded technology. We provide solutions to satellite communications with our invention- PDMA (Satellite IP Switch) for bringing more stable and faster communication services. Mantaray co-works with other satellite operators and provides extensive coverage globally. We are eager to empower our clients to connect the world at the top speed.

About Institute for Information Industry

In the early 1970s, Taiwan faced crucial challenges arising from the global energy crisis and trade protectionism implemented by industrial countries. It thus became the top priority of the government to come up with policies on industrial and economic development so as to transform the traditional industrial model into a technology-intensive industrial model and to increase Taiwan’s competitiveness.

On 17th May 1979, Executive Yuan passed the “Proposal on Science and Technology Development” in its 1663 Grand Meeting, resolving to incorporate a non-governmental organization— “Institute for Information Industry” (“III”) through the joint efforts of public and private sectors. Later on24th July, with persistent efforts from past Senior Advisor to the Presidency, Mr. Kuo-Ting Li, III was established so as to “promote effective application of information technology, increase national comprehensive competitiveness, create preconditions and environment information industry to develop, and to strengthen the competitiveness of information industry.”

Since III was established, III has taken part in planning and promoting public policies related to the information industry. It has contributed to the pioneer research and development in information and communication technology, the deepening and broadening of information applications, the training and educational talents in this field, and the participation in building infrastructure for national information technology. III’s achievements have been widely recognized.

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