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January 28, 2022
Mantaray Corporation Wishes You Happiness and Prosperity in the Year of Tiger!
Our Chinese New Year Holiday starts on January 29th and ends on February 6th. We will resume operations the following day on February 7th. 星路科技祝各位:「春染地香,福虎臨門」
July 4, 2021
An Introduction to Mantaray Corporation
Mantaray Corporation is primarily focused on being a total solutions provider instead of an equipment provider for global satellite communication. We predominate the key baseband technology and make it possible to develop and manufacture Intelligent VSAT modems/terminals with embedded technology.
August 16, 2021
MantraRay Unveils Revolutionary Satcom Solution
MantaRay has been working in the satellite industry for more than 20 years and is well-aware of industrial technology and the pain points. In order to solve the shortcomings of TDM/TDMA, MantaRay developed MQEYTA, which is former known as the Mantaray Next-Gen Intelligent PSMA Technology platform.
September 27, 2021
The Best Solution for Maritime SATCOM - Mantaray Next-Generation PSMA System
Mantaray, a company that holds the advanced next-generation PSMA Technology, which contains DAMA(Demand Assigned Multiple Access) & ABOD (Automated Bandwidth On Demand) that enables satellite communication to be highly efficient and stable, today announced the testing results of real-time video conferences through GEO satellite to be extraordinary and satisfying.
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