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Partners from 5 Southeast Asian Countries Tour Our Latest Technology and Explore Business Opportunities

Partners from five Southeast Asian countries visited our company to learn more about our products and explore potential business opportunities. The group, which included partners from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore, received a warm welcome from our executive team.

Advance to the Most Competitive Market in Indonesia! Mantaray Corporation, the Pride of Taiwan, Attests to Its Status as an International Maritime Communications Service Provider with Its Strength.

With the advent of smart manufacturing, smart medical care and smart financials, the Internet of all things has become the foundation of everything and also the key to the operation behind it - the vigorous development of communications technology, from the ground to the sky.The global satellite industry will reach $925.2 billion in 2040, according to the estimates by the Satellite Industry Association. In the growing field of satellite communications, Mantaray is natively the proud of Taiwan. There search members from NASA’s Deep Space Satellite Communications Team are committed to becoming a professional international maritime communications service provider, so that ships sailing at sea will not suffer from loss of connection. This year, the technology was exported to Indonesia, also known as‘The Land of Thousand Islands’, to demonstrate its ability in the most challenging markets.

Mantaray Corporation & Institute for Information Industry Jointly Develops FMS (Fleet Management System) To Solve Global Issues

Global shipping has been continuously affected by COVID-19, leading to peak demand for shipping in the past two years. Mantaray Corporation and Institute for Information Industry will jointly develop FMS (Fleet Management System) to solve global issues.

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